Wagner HEA Control 150M

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An ideal machine for do-it-yourself enthusiasts that spray wall paint, stain or varnish as standard. Practical, for example, for spraying the walls and ceilings of a house very evenly and quickly.

The successful Project Pro and PowerPainter series from Wagner using traditional airless technology is being replaced by a completely new series: “HEA”, “High Efficiency Airless” the innovative airless technology from Wagner.

This new technology offers an even better and fuller spray pattern than today's airless technology, which is currently the highest standard on the market. Thanks to the new technology, the machine can spray all common materials with less pressure, making it more efficient than its predecessors.

HEA combines the advantages of various existing spraying techniques. The low pressure reduces the spray mist by approximately 55%. This also makes the sprayer easier to use than a traditional airless sprayer. In addition, this technology is more forgiving, meaning you will see fewer lanes and streaks than with today's airless and HVLP technology.

Airless - HEA

All the advantages of a HEA sprayer summarized

  • Better spray pattern than traditional airless technology (which is currently the highest standard)
  • +/- 55% less overspray
  • Longer life due to lower pressure
  • Easier startup
  • Better control and very forgiving, even for less experienced users
  • Specially developed nozzles for an optimal result

For what and for whom
The Wagner Control 150 M is the ideal partner for small to medium-sized DIY projects, such as renovations. Perfect for spraying any common water and solvent based base, this tool is specifically designed for projects by do-it-yourself enthusiasts, building managers and contractors who use the tool on a regular basis use. Caution: Aggressive, corrosive liquids affect soft plastics and seals. These types of liquids can seriously affect the life of the machine. The Wagner company advises against using these liquids.Control 150 M is characterized by its handy character and is compact and easy to store.

Applications & Projects
The flexible Wagner Control 150 M is the ideal tool for painting work in new buildings, for maintenance and renovation work. A wide variety of water- and solvent-based materials can be used: from wall and latex paint for interior walls, ceilings, basements and garages, to varnishes, stains and wood preservatives for wooden houses , doors, furniture, cladding, fences or carports, even up to some corrosion protection of balustrades and steel girders.

Product benefits

  • Ergonomic quality pistol
  • Less wearß of the components due to less pressure
  • Low mist
  • Very professional result
  • Easy to use
  • 7.5 meter hose
  • Paint delivery from the large upper container for clean and convenient work

Scope of delivery:

  • Basic device Control 150 M
  • High quality airless gun
  • Filter Kit
  • 7.5m airless hose
  • 311 and 517 HEA reversible nozzles for thick and thin materials
  • Operating instructions

What color is suitable for my paint sprayer?
The types of paint suitable for this paint sprayer are described above. However, not all brands / types of paint are suitable for use in combination with a paint sprayer. We recommend that you always read the data sheet for your paint first before using it in combination with a paint sprayer. You can obtain the data sheet for your color from the manufacturer of the color you want to use. If you are using paint from the Spray Solutions brand, you will find the data sheet on the product label. Incidentally, this paint is particularly suitable for use in combination with a paint sprayer.

SKU 4004025095153
Manufacturer code 2394313
Weight 4.420000
Plug format G-3 pin, British
Power source 230 Volt
Accessories High-quality airless gun, 7.5 m airless hose, 311 and 515 HEA swivel nozzles for high and low-viscosity materials, Filter kit
Max. flow rate 0.9 l/min
Power consumption 350W
Reservoir volume 5500 ml
Air hose length 7,5 metres
Maximum pressure 110 bar
Max. nozzle size Max. 517
Warranty 3+1
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West European countries mostly have quality paints that contain relatively few solids (chalk, lime). In East European countries paints contain more chalk, lime, etc. These solids cause clogging and so a filter is essential for this type of paint.

It sounds somewhat contradictory, but the newly designed tip, combined with reduced pressure means that the spray pattern is usually more attractive and gives better coverage than you can get with an airless sprayer. Please note that the quality of paint and spray technology will affect the spray pattern.

For a detailed explanation of the differences in technology, please see Airless vs HEA Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each technique: Airless versus other techniques: Suitable for larger projects Intensive use Less overspray Attractive spray pattern Needs more preparation and cleaning time Less forgiving (harder to use) Sustainable technology Is quite noisy HEA versus other techniques: Suitable for larger projects Moderately intensive use Less overspray Most attractive spray pattern Needs less preparation and cleaning time Forgiving (easier to use) Makes less noise HVLP versus other techniques: Suitable for smaller projects (except Wagner W950 for wall paint) Moderately intensive use Less overspray Least attractive spray pattern compared to HEA and Airless Needs less preparation and cleaning time Accommodating (easier to use) Less noisy

Wagner HEA Control Pro 250 M and R are both suitable for all types of lacquer, stain and latex (solvent or water-based) paints. Experience teaches us that Histor Monodek gives a less satisfactory result with HEA devices. In saying this we do not mean to disparage the quality of this type of latex, simply that using it in combination with HEA sprayers has proven not to be ideal. On the other hand, these sprayers cannot process textured paint, only smooth masonry.

These paint sprayers are suitable for the following types of paint:

  • Varnishes and lacquers containing water and solvent.
  • Lacquers, emulsions, solvents, resins, PVC lacquers (vinyl paints), primers, fillers and corrosion-resistant paints
  • Dispersion and latex paints for indoors.

Yes, you can use a paint sprayer for both solvent and water-based paints.

In principle, lacquers, stains and latex/wall paint do not need thinning or only very light dilution. It's more important to use the correct tip for the paint you want to use. The right tip size can be found in the job description or technical worksheet issued by your paint manufacturer.

This paint spray is suitable for both the consumer and professional user. The machine lends itself well to painters working on small projects, such as boat and apartment owners, as well as for all other light professional uses.

NB: The guarantee only covers private use, not commercial use, because it is a do-it-yourself product based on our standards. One feature indicating this is the purchase by a private individual. Accordingly, when a business customer makes a purchase, we assume that a product will be used on a professional basis. The intended purpose is stated in the operating instructions. Our do-it-yourself devices are not suitable for professional use. If you use your device on a professional basis, you will no longer be entitled to the guarantee.

Spray pattern quality is the same for both the HEA Control Pro 250M and 350M. The hose of the HEA Control Pro 350 M is 15 meters long, compared to 9 meters for the HEA Control Pro 250 M. Spray output for the HEA Control Pro 350 M is 1.5 liters per minute and 1.25 liters per minute for the HEA Control Pro 250 M. Due to its greater capacity, the HEA Control Pro 350 M can handle fluids with more viscosity than the HEA Control Pro 250 M.

Cleaning any HEA device takes about 10-15 minutes. Use the primary reducer also for cleaning up (water, white spirits, lacquer thinner, xylene and denatured alcohol). Clean water-based paints with warm water. For solvent paints diluted with white spirits use the same product to clean up.

Although HEA paint sprayers produce relatively little overspray, you should always mask off anyway. Mask off the area you are spraying by 10-15 cm, and cover the floor and any furniture.

Paint sprayers always produce overspray! Even HEA devices that produce the least overspray. Wagner's videos do not exactly correspond to reality. As with conventional paints (applied with roller and brush), it is recommended to mask off past the area to be painted and cover the floor and furniture. It is also important to point the nozzle perpendicular to the wall at a distance of 20 cm for an even coverage. Keep this in mind and overspray won’t be a problem.

No, this package allows you to paint most types of wood, metal, wall and ceiling paints. It’s best to just get started and if it turns out that you need a different tip size, you can better estimate what size it should be.

This depends on the tip you choose. To calculate the width, multiply the first number of the tip size by 5. For example, a 519 tip covers a width of 25 cm (5x5 cm), while a 409 tip will cover 20 cm (5x4 cm). Note: This only applies if you hold the nozzle 15 cm from the wall.

Here we can answer with a positive yes! It produces better, more even coverage, giving a very professional finish. In addition, you need less paint. Wagner indicates that paint consumption can be reduced up to 30%.

That depends on the area you want to spray. Spray painting is much faster than roller painting, but preparation and cleaning take a bit longer. As a rule of thumb, we stick to a threshold of 60m2. If your project is bigger than that you will gain time. If certain areas are hard to paint, such as beams, corners, etc., you will also gain time.

Paint sprayers are easy to master. It is a fairly simple and handy way to apply paints, stains and lacquers provided you follow the instructions. Always read the manual and when in doubt call us before you get started.

Yes, the HEA Control Pro 250 M is delivered fully ready for painting lacquers, latex, stains, etc.

  • 1x 2371053 Wagner HEA Control Pro 250M
  • 1x 0418713 Filter L-XXL White (already installed in gun)
  • 1x 0418711 Filter XS-S Red
  • 1x 0517311 HEA Tip 311
  • 1x 0517517 HEA Tip 517
  • 1x 0517200 HEA tip holder
  • 1x 0517801 HEA airless hose, 9 meter