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Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R Airless Paint Sprayer

Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R

Powerful plastic sprayer for consumers and DIY
  • Suitable for wall paints, lacquers and stains
  • Draws the paint directly from the paint can
  • Sprays most paints undiluted
  • Plastic model mounted on standard
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Description for the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R Airless Paint Sprayer

The Wagner HEA Control PRO 350R (plastic model mounted on standard) belongs to the High Efficiency Airless Control Series, HEA for short. It is the successor to the PowerPainter 60.

The Wagner HEA Control PRO 350R paint sprayer combines a light compact paint sprayer with a powerful paint pump. This plastic device is light and easy to move and both smaller and lighter than the 350M. Nevertheless, the HEA Control Pro 350R has enough power so that you can spray exterior and façade paints, so long as you dilute the paint properly and you use the correct spray tip.

It is an ideal machine for consumers and DIY projects that need a bit more power to finish the job.

HEA (High Efficiency Airless) is Wagner's new Airless technology. The completely new HEA series is designed to replace Wagner's successful Project Pro and PowerPainter series.
This new technology gives even better and fuller spray than Airless technology, currently the highest standard in the market. Thanks partly to the new technology, the machine can spray all the usual materials using less power, which makes it far more efficient than the predecessors.

HEA integrates the advantages of various existing paint spraying technology. Due to the low pressure, it can reduce overspray by some 50% and the paint gun is easier to handle than the old standard Airless paint sprayer. Also, the HEA is a more forgiving or accommodating paint sprayer, meaning that you will get fewer runs and less uneven coverage than you would with current Airless and HVLP technology.

Airless - HEA

All the plus points of the HEA paint sprayer in a row

  1. Better spray fan than current Airless sprayers (the latest industry standard)
  2. +/- 50% less overspray
  3. Easier to use
  4. Better control over strokes (less “tailing” and overlap)
  5. No more need for filters
  6. Specially developed tips for better coverage

The Wagner HEA PRO 350R is the ideal partner for bigger consumer projects or small to medium-scale professional projects for new builds, furniture production and renovations. This device is perfectly capable of spraying all common water- and solvent-based paints.

Applications & projects
The flexible Wagner HEA PRO 350R can handle a most varied range of materials: From walls (including latex exteriors), ceilings, basements and garages, through woodworking and wood preservatives for log cabins, facade cladding or carports, to corrosion protection of steel beams. It can spray all common water-soluble and solvent-containing materials simply and professionally. 

Product features

  • High quality ergonomic adjustable gun
  • Less wear to parts due to the absence of filters
  • Little overspray
  • Very nice result
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile
  • Also suitable for exterior latex, and weatherproof wall paint
  • 15 meter hose
  • Retractable handle for easier transport
  • Storage compartment for accessories or tools
  • Pumps directly from the paint bucket

Product package:

  • 1x 2371074 Wagner HEA Control PRO 350R
  • 1x 0517100 HEA Hybrid Spray Gun
  • 1x 0517311 HEA Tip S (311)
  • 1x 0517517 HEA Tip L (517)
  • 1x 0517200 HEA tip holder
  • 1x 0517806 HEA airless hose, 15 m

Specifications for the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R Airless Paint Sprayer

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Plug format G-3 pin, British
Power source 230 Volt
Accessories HEA Tip S (311) and HEA Tip L (517) + Hybrid Spray Gun
Max. flow rate 1.5 l/min
Power consumption 520W
Air hose length 15 meter
Maximum pressure 110 bar

Video of the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R Airless Paint Sprayer

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Reviews of the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R Airless Paint Sprayer

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Manual of the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R Airless Paint Sprayer

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FAQ for the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R Airless Paint Sprayer

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Frequently Asked Questions

A HEA paint sprayer doesn’t use a filter anymore. Why is this possible?
The nozzle of the HEA tip is bigger. The difference is almost impossible to see with the naked eye, but it is there. Under low pressure, you get less fine atomization (the spatter particles are bigger and therefore produce 55% less overspray) which means you need a bigger opening. This does not need any filtering.

Are filters still included?
West European countries mostly have quality paints that contain relatively few solids (chalk, lime). In East European countries paints contain more chalk, lime, etc. These solids cause clogging and so a filter is essential for this type of paint.

Is the spray pattern really better, even with less fine atomization?
It sounds somewhat contradictory, but the newly designed "micro reservoir" in the tip, combined with reduced pressure means that the spray pattern is usually more attractive and gives better coverage than you can get with an airless sprayer. Please note that the quality of paint and spray technology will affect the spray pattern.

I hear a lot about “Airless”, “HVLP” and “HEA”. Which technique is the best?
For a detailed explanation of the differences in technology, please see Airless vs HEA

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each technique:

Airless versus other techniques:

  • Suitable for larger projects
  • Intensive use
  • Less overspray
  • Attractive spray pattern
  • Needs more preparation and cleaning time
  • Less forgiving (harder to use)
  • Sustainable technology
  • Makes relatively a lot of noise

HEA versus other techniques:

  • Suitable for larger projects
  • Moderately intensive use
  • Less overspray
  • Most attractive spray pattern
  • Needs less preparation and cleaning time
  • Forgiving (easier to use)
  • Makes relatively less noise

HVLP versus other techniques:

  • Suitable for smaller projects (except Wagner W950 for wall paint)
  • Moderately intensive use
  • Less overspray
  • Least attractive spray pattern compared to HEA and Airless
  • Needs less preparation and cleaning time
  • Accommodating (easier to use)
  • Relatively less noise

What kind of paint can I spray with the HEA Control Pro 350 M?
Wagner HEA Control Pro 350 M is suitable for nearly all types of lacquer, stain and latex (synthetic or water-based) paints. Experience teaches us that Histor Monodek gives a less satisfactory result with HEA devices. In mentioning this we do not mean to disparage the quality of this type of latex, simply that using it in combination with this HEA sprayer has proven not to be ideal. On the other hand, this sprayer cannot process structured paint.

These paint sprayers are suitable for the following types of paint:

  • Varnishes and lacquers containing water and solvent.
  • Lacquers, emulsions, solvents, resins, PVC lacquers (vinyl paints), primers, fillers and corrosion-resistant paints
  • Dispersion and latex paints for indoor and outdoor use (weatherproof wall paint).

Can I use a sprayer for synthetic paints?
Yes, you can use a paint sprayer for both synthetic and water-based paints.

How much thinner should I use?
In principle, lacquers, stains and latex/wall paint do not need thinning or only very light dilution. It's more important to use the correct tip for the paint you want to use. The right tip size can be found in the job description or technical worksheet issued by your paint manufacturer.

Can I use the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350 R for professional jobs?
This paint spray is suitable for both the consumer and professional user. The machine lends itself well to painters working on small projects, such as skippers and apartment owners, as well as other light to heavier professional and commercial uses.

What is the difference between the HEA Control Pro 350 R and the HEA Control Pro 350 M sprayer?
Spray pattern quality is the same for both HEA Control Pro 350 R and HEA Control Pro 350 M and the capacity of both machines is the same. The only difference lies in the robustness of the trolley. The HEA Control Pro 350 M (metal) contains more metal components and is mounted on a trolley. This prolongs the anticipated lifespan of HEA Control Pro 350 M compared to the HEA Control Pro 350 R for industrial use.

I read a lot about cleaning. How long will it take and what should I use?
Cleaning any HEA device takes about 10-15 minutes. Use the primary reducer also for cleaning up (water, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, xylene and denatured alcohol). Clean water-based paints with warm water. For synthetic paints diluted with mineral spirits (e.g. benzene) use the same product to clean up.

Do I need to mask off a lot?
Although HEA paint sprayers produce relatively little overspray, you should always mask off anyway. Wagner's product videos make it all look a bit too neat and tidy compared to reality. Mask off a margin of 10-15 cm, and cover the floor and any furniture.

Will everything get covered with paint when I use a paint sprayer?
Paint sprayers always produce overspray! Even HEA devices that produce the least overspray. Wagner's videos do not exactly correspond to reality. As with conventional paints (applied with roller and brush), it is recommended to mask off the margins and cover the floor and furniture. It is also important to point the nozzle perpendicular to the wall at a distance of 20 cm (to prevent swinging). Keep this in mind and overspray won’t be a problem.

Should I order additional tips?
No, this package allows you to paint most types of lacquer, latex and stains. It’s best to just get started and if it turns out that you need a different tip size, you can better estimate what size it should be.

How wide is the spray jet?
This depends on the tip you choose. To calculate the width, multiply the first number of the tip size by 5. For example, a 519 tip covers a width of 25 cm (5x5 cm), while a 409 tip will cover 20 cm (5x4 cm). Note: This only applies if you hold the nozzle 15 cm from the wall.

Do you get a better finish with paint sprayers?
Here we can answer with a positive yes! It produces better, more even coverage, giving a very professional finish. In addition, you need less paint. Wagner indicates that paint consumption can be reduced up to 30%.

Is it faster working with paint sprayers?
That depends on the area you want to spray. Spray painting is much faster than roller painting, but preparation and cleaning take a bit longer. As a rule of thumb, we stick to a threshold of 60m2. If your project is bigger than that you will gain time. If certain areas are hard to paint, such as beams, corners, etc., you will also gain time.

Is spray painting difficult?
No, paint sprayers are easily to master. It is a fairly simple and handy way to apply paints, stains and lacquers provided you follow the instructions. Always read the manual and when in doubt call us before you get started.

Is the Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R delivered ready for use?
Yes, the HEA Control Pro 350 R is delivered fully ready for painting lacquers, latex, stains, etc.

What accessories are included?

  • 1x 2371073 Wagner HEA Control Pro 350R
  • 1x 0517100 HEA Hybrid Gun (spray gun)
  • 1x 0517311 HEA Tip S (311)
  • 1x 0517517 HEA Tip L (517)
  • 1x 0517200 HEA tip holder
  • 1x 0517806 HEA airless hose, 15 meter