Wagner HEA Control Pro 350M

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    Powerful metal sprayer for semi-professional use.

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    Wagner HEA Control Pro 350M
    Expected as of 30-06-2022
    Specifications overview
    • Suitable for wall paints, lacquers and stains
    • Draws the paint directly from the paint can & sprays most paints undiluted
    • Metal model mounted on a trolley
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    Product description

    The Wagner HEA Control PRO 350M (metal model mounted on a trolley) belongs to the High Efficiency Airless Control Series. It is the successor to the Project Pro 119 and PowerPainter 90.

    The Wagner HEA Control PRO 350M paint sprayer is the bigger and one of the more powerful models in the HEA line. It is mounted on a wheeled trolley, which makes it very mobile and easy to reposition quickly in large spaces. The HEA Control Pro 350M also has more power and that allows you to spray paint exteriors and facades, if the paint is diluted properly and you use the correct spray tip.

    It is an ideal machine for professionals, who often have medium-sized painting projects, such as a house, warehouse or business premises.

    HEA (High Efficiency Airless) is Wagner's new Airless technology. The completely new HEA series is designed to replace Wagner's successful Project Pro and PowerPainter series. The new technology gives even better and fuller spray than Airless technology, currently the highest standard in the market.

    Thanks partly to the new technology, the machine can spray all the usual materials using less power, which makes it far more efficient than the predecessors.

    HEA integrates the advantages of various existing paint spraying technology. Due to the low pressure, it can reduce overspray by up to 50% and the paint gun is easier to handle than the old standard Airless paint sprayer. Also, the HEA is a more forgiving or accommodating paint sprayer, meaning that you will get fewer runs and less uneven coverage than you would with current Airless and HVLP technology.

    Airless - HEA

    All the plus points of the HEA paint sprayer in a row

    1. Better spray fan than current Airless sprayers (the latest industry standard)
    2. Up to 50% less overspray
    3. Easier to use
    4. Better control over strokes (less “tailing” and overlap)
    5. Specially developed tips for better coverage


    Who and what for
    The Wagner HEA PRO 350M is the ideal partner for small to medium-scale professional projects for new builds, furniture production and renovations. This device is designed for water and solvent based paints.

    Applications & projects
    The flexible Wagner HEA PRO 350M can handle a wide range of materials: From walls (including smooth masonry), ceilings, basements and garages, through woodworking and wood preservatives for log cabins, facade cladding or carports, to corrosion protection of steel beams. It can spray all common water-soluble and solvent-containing materials simply and professionally. 

    Product features

    • High quality ergonomic adjustable gun
    • Little overspray
    • Professional finish
    • Easy to use
    • Mobile
    • Also suitable for exterior latex, and smooth masonry paint
    • 15 meter hose
    • Retractable handle for easier transport
    • Storage compartment for accessories or tools
    • Pumps directly from the paint bucket

    Standard product package:

    • 1x 2371058 Wagner HEA Control PRO 350M
    • 1x 0517100 HEA Hybrid Spray Gun
    • 1x 0418713 Filter L-XXL White (already installed in gun)
    • 1x 0418711 Filter XS-S Red
    • 1x 0517311 HEA Tip 311
    • 1x 0517517 HEA Tip 517
    • 1x 0517200 HEA tip holder
    • 1x 0517806 HEA airless hose, 15 m

    Which paint is suitable for me?
    The types of paint that are suitable for this paint sprayer are specified above. However, not all brands / types of paint are suitable to be used in combination with a paint sprayer. You are advised to check, at all times, the technical worksheet of your paint, before using it in combination with a paint sprayer. The technical worksheet of the paint you intend to use can be obtained from the manufacturer. If you start working with Spray Solutions paint, please refer to the instructions specified on the product label. This paint is especially suitable for use in combination with a paint sprayer.

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    4-year warranty (3+1)

    Having doubts about the quality of our product? We offer a 4-year warranty! We stand for exemplary quality, which is reflected in our chosen assortment of products. Higher than that of most other brands, and something we are excited to share with you. On top of delivering important and helpful accessories, we now also offer you an extended warranty. This way, you'll feel a lot more secure. We offer a standard 3-year warranty on this product, extended by 1 year after registration with Wagner (total warranty of 4 years).

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    Manufacturer code2371058
    Weight13,2 kg
    Plug formatG-3 pin, British
    Power source230 Volt
    AccessoriesHEA Tip 311 / HEA Tip 517 / HEA Hybrid Gun / Filter L-XXL White / Filter XS-S Red
    Max. flow rate1.5 l/min
    Power consumption600W
    Other informationSprays paint, lacquers and stain, water and solvent based. Watch out for aggressive corrosive liquids (such as thinner). This type of fluids can greatly affect the life of the machine. Its use is not recommended by Wagner
    Air hose length15 metres
    Maximum pressure110 bar
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