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Wagner SpeedShield – masking-free spray painting

    • Wagner SpeedShield
    • Wagner SpeedShield
    • Wagner SpeedShield
    • Wagner SpeedShield

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    Description of the Wagner SpeedShield – masking-free spray painting

    Brief specifications

    • Masking no longer required
    • Suitable for Control Pro and ProSpray
    • Fits the extension shaft

    The Wagner SpeedShield is an ideal accessory that in many cases even proves invaluable. Airless spray painting is a technique that allows you to save loads of time, especially when painting relatively large surface areas. Rather than via rollers, an entire house, including the masking, can be finished in as little as 1 to 2 days. Having said that, masking tape application is still a rather time consuming task.

    Much less, if any, need for masking
    Wagner has thought of a solution: the Wagner SpeedShield. This accessory enables you to rapidly paint razor sharp lines in an exceedingly fast and user-friendly manner. On window sills, walls, ceilings or floors, for example. Very useful when you'd like to spray the walls in different colours, or want the ceiling to have a different colour. Masking would have previously taken up a great deal of time, but now you can pinpoint precise lines of 6 meters in 10 seconds!

    The SpeedShield is originally made for professional use, but it's easy and convenient enough for anyone to use effectively. The SpeedShield is easily rotated with the extension shaft that, in most cases, you'll have received from us in the same package. By attaching the HEA tip holder supplied with your HEA pistol and HEA extension shaft to the SpeedShield, it becomes possible to use all of your HEA tips in combination with the SpeedShield. Standard delivery also includes a professional grade tip holder, so that on top of compatibility with HEA machines, ProSpray machines can also be equipped.


    • Fits the Airless adapters supplied by us
    • Easy to use in combination with HEA technique
    • Fits all HEA Control Pro devices via the tip holder of your spray gun or via the adapter
    • Also fits all ProSpray devices with G-thread
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