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Product reviews

Who is able to write an online product review?
We consider it important to give customers the opportunity to assess the products we sell. Therefore, anyone who has purchased a product from us will be able to write a review on our website.

Do I receive a request for a review after purchasing the product?
It is standard for all customers to receive an email from us a few weeks after their purchase, requesting them to review those products they have bought from us.

How do we calculate the average scores?
The products can be assessed on the basis of several criteria, including ease of use, quality, and result. In this respect, all criteria and all reviews are equally important, and no complex calculations are used.

How are product reviews assessed?
Every product review we receive is manually reviewed by us. We check to make sure the reviewer has actually purchased the product from us, and whether the review meets our product-review criteria.

We only reject a review if it contains any of the following:

  • contact information such as an address, a telephone number, an email address, or an URL;
  • references to other websites;
  • a description of the service provided by without mention of the actual product. A few sentences that refer briefly to our service is acceptable, but the review should mainly be about the product;
  • specific mention of the current price of the product;
  • offensive language: for example, swear words or discriminatory statements;
  • use of a language other than English

The review may contain spelling mistakes, consist of one sentence, or be negative with regard to the product.

How is the ranking of assessments determined?
Assessments are ranked on the basis of the date they were posted; new reviews are shown at the top and the oldest one is at the bottom.

In what instances can change or remove a review?
We only change or remove reviews at the request of the customer who posted the review: for example, if the customer wishes to add comments or to remove them from their review, or do not wish their name to be shown on our website. After posting a review, customers do not have the option to edit or remove it. This can only be done by our customer service after being contacted by the person who posted the review.

How does keep track of which reviews are removed?
Reviews that are removed are actually deleted. We do not keep a record of these.

Does also post reviews of older products with new or renewed models?
With regard to subsequent types, we are able to transfer reviews to the newer model.

Does also place reviews for which they pay or offer an incentive?
No, we do not post reviews on our website for which the customer was paid or compensated by us in any way whatsoever.

Reviews relating to

Does each customer receive a request for a review on after purchasing a product?
It is standard for all customers to receive an email from us one week after their purchase, requesting them to review the manner in which they experienced the purchasing procedure and the service provided by For this purpose, we cooperate with Trusted Shops, an external, independent party specialised in gathering and assessing webshop reviews. Trusted Shops applies its own policy to the reviews received, and we, as the selling party, have no influence on this. However, through Trusted Shops we are able to respond to your review on the platform.

Does also refer customers to other platforms outside Trusted Shops?
No, we redirect our customers only to leave a review with Trusted Shops. Reviews regarding on other websites are not ‘at our invitation’.