SpraySolutions - Emulsion/Wall Paint - 10 litres - WHITE

    Emulsion/wall paint recommended by Paintsprayer.co.uk

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    Specifications overview
      SpraySolutions - Emulsion/Wall Paint - 10 litres - WHITE
      Specifications overview
        Product description

        Emulsion paint/wall paint recommended by Paintsprayer.co.uk

        Features include:

        • Very good coverage
        • Easy to use
        • Washable
        • Virtually odourless
        • Water vapour permeable
        • Suitable for painting ceilings, masonry and plaster, concrete, aerated concrete, plaster
        • Ideal for both renovation and new construction

        Is "sprayable" paint still necessary?
        These days, most paint sprayers are powerful enough to spray most wall paints flawlessly without you needing to dilute the paint used. In our opinion, it no longer matters whether a paint is "sprayable" without dilution.

        We tested many types of wall paints.
        To meet our customers' demands, we tested many different wall paints. The wall paint supplied by Global Paint delivers great coverage. This excellent result for Global Paint, combined with its handy jerry can packaging, convinced us to stock this paint and be in a position to offer advice on this product.

        Is one application sufficient for proper coverage?
        We cannot give definitive answers when it comes to paint coverage. After all, this has to do with the current colour of the wall surface, or whether a wall has already been sanded or primed. However, we can say that if the wall surface is lightly coloured and well-prepared, one coat of paint is generally enough.

        Some general tips for a flawless result.

        1. If the wall is plastered, sand the wall lightly and apply a primer. You can apply the primer with a paint sprayer as well.
        2. For spraying ceilings and walls. First spray the walls, and then the ceiling. This will make masking easier.
        3. A paint sprayer is very fast and gives a great result, but masking is necessary!
        4. Always hold the spray nozzle at a distance of 20 cm perpendicular to the wall.
        5. Work in strips, from top to bottom and then from left to right if necessary.
        6. For ceilings, a handle extension is a valuable asset, even if you can reach it yourself. Creating a little more distance between your eyes and the ceiling means you can get a better look at the paint layers you are applying, especially if you are painting a light-coloured paint onto a light primer.

        Suggested use for each Wagner paint sprayer model.
        The paint has been extensively tested on each paint sprayer we stock so we can provide the best advice for each machine.
        In general, you can spray approximately 7 m² per litre of paint. For the best results, we recommend the following dilution ratios per model:

        • W 665 - 20% dilution.
        • W 867 - 15% dilution.
        • W 995 - 15% dilution.
        • Project 115 - 15% dilution; Paint sprayers with 515 (M) tip must be turned onto full power.
        • ProjectPro 117 and Power Painter 60 paint sprayer with 517 tip: 15% dilution. Power at 90%.
        • ProjectPro 119 and Power Painter 90 paint sprayer with 517 tip: 15% dilution. Power at 80%.
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