Tips for the efficient spraying of paint with a HVLP/XVLP

The following tips are useful in order to have a good result with HVLP paint spray systems.

  1. The jet direction can be adjusted at the front of the paint gun:
    - Horizontal, flat jet, for working from left to right;
    - Vertical, flat jet, for working from top to bottom;
    - Round, circular jet, for corners, edges, and fine applications [hard-to-reach surfaces]. (The circular jet reduces the flow rate by 25%, which can be regulated by turning the knob on the trigger of the spray gun. Turn anti-clockwise for less paint and clockwise for more paint.)

  2. Maintain a maximum distance of 15 cm from the surface to be sprayed. For fine applications with a circular jet, the distance may be reduced to 5-10 cm.

  3. Spray the paint using your lower arm, not your wrist. Make long, slow movements.

  4. Masking surfaces is essential, and we recommend using tape with cover foil attached.

  5. Use a piece of cardboard to protect the adjacent wall if it is not going to be painted. The same can be done with the join between wall and ceiling if the ceiling is not to be painted.

  6. The device is easily cleaned with water or methylated spirits. After cleaning the outside of the device, rinse it inside until the spray becomes transparent. The interior will then also be clean.

  7. Always use clean paint that has no dried particles attached to the lid. This will prevent clogging of the nozzle and annoying splatters on the final coat.

  8. TIP: consult the manual first before contacting the helpdesk.

  9. Practise with the device on a small sample area before starting the actual project. Let the machine run for five minutes to optimise paint viscosity and reduce the risk of splashing.