Wagner XVLP 3500

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The Wagner XVLP 3500 belongs to the new generation of finish control paint sprayers developed with the help of professional users. Because the XVLP technique produces the same spray pattern as an airless sprayer, it is ideally suited for professional refinishing of doors, casings, cabinets, etc.

It produces a beautiful, efficient result and is also suitable for a wide variety of paint types
The Wagner XVLP 3500 has all the advantages of the HVLP paint sprayer but its increased power gives a more beautiful and professional spray pattern. It can use most lacquers, stains, dispersion and emulsion paints and its spray pattern will convince even the most critical of professional painters.

Handy and a long service life
The highly durable XVLP paint sprayer is made predominantly of high-grade aluminium. This guarantees low wear, and its light weigh of just 2.3 kilos makes the Wagner XVLP very handy.

Easy to clean and change colours.
It also has sprayer attachments, following the HVLP principle. This allows you to simply and quickly change colours and clean the sprayer.

Usable material include: Stains, varnishes, impregnating agents, oil, paint, opaque lacquers, primers, corrosion-free paint, structured paint, formwork oil, filling primers, acrylic paint, dispersions, emulsion paint, wall paint, emulsion wall paint, wood impregnators, lacquers, filling lacquers, 2K materials (extending usability).

Which paint is suitable for me?
The types of paint that are suitable for this paint sprayer are specified above. However, not all brands / types of paint are suitable to be used in combination with a paint sprayer. You are advised to check, at all times, the technical worksheet of your paint, before using it in combination with a paint sprayer. The technical worksheet of the paint you intend to use can be obtained from the manufacturer. If you start working with Spray Solutions paint, please refer to the instructions specified on the product label. This paint is especially suitable for use in combination with a paint sprayer.

Contents of the package

  • Turbine Finish Control 3500
  • Sprayer gun Standard spray
  • Practical carrying case
  • Strap
  • Cleaning brush
  • Large Filter sieve 30 mesh - white
  • Fine filter sieve 50 mesh – red
  • Air filter set (3 pcs.)
  • Funnel (3 pcs.)

Article number: 2341501

SKU 4004025077753
Manufacturer code 2341501
Weight 2.300000
Power source 230 V
Accessories Sprayer gun Standard spray, Practical carrying case, Strap, Cleaning brush, Large Filter sieve 30 mesh - white, Fine filter sieve 50 mesh – red, Air filter set (3 pcs.), Funnel (3 pcs.)
Power consumption 700W
Reservoir volume 1 litre
Maximum pressure 0,2 bar / 0,02 MPa
Atomizing output 220 Watt
Warranty 3+2
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