Staining wood? Use a paint sprayer

Many people think a paint spray device can only be used for applying regular indoor or outdoor paint. This is not the case, however, because a paint sprayer can also be used to stain wooden surfaces quickly and precisely. In fact, a paint sprayer filled with stain can be used to treat any kind of wood.

The advantages of a paint sprayer
Staining wood with a paint sprayer has several advantages. The main advantage is that staining a wooden surface with this device is much easier and quicker than staining manually. Large surfaces in particular will be finished more quickly. It also allows you to work more precisely. By practising with the device before starting the actual paint job, you will learn to work more quickly and precisely. Using a paint sprayer to stain wooden surfaces, will ensure you of a clean finish.

Staining wood: the two best paint sprayers
Not all paint sprayers are suitable to be used with stain. If you want to stain wood with a sprayer, you need to use the appropriate device. Below are the best models we supply:

  1. The Wagner Universal Sprayer W 690 HVLP. This model can be used with stain but also with lacquer/varnish or wall paint. If you are looking for an all-round device for multiple projects in and around the house, this is definitely the one for you.
  2. The Wagner HEA Control PRO 250 M. If you want a really clean finish and need to spray a large surface, the Wagner HEA Control PRO 250 M can be used. This device is also suitable for spraying wall paint.

If you buy one of these models to stain wooden surfaces, you will be assured of an excellent finish. Furthermore, the job can be done quickly because these paint sprayers are optimal as regards wood staining.