Wagner Universal Sprayer W 690

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    Simple HVLP paint sprayer for consumers with high power.

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    Wagner Universal Sprayer W 690
    Expected as of 08-07-2022
    Specifications overview
    • Suitable for lacquer, stain and emulsion paint
    • Ideal for painting single walls, ceilings and other small projects
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    Product description

    Do you need to paint a wall, a gazebo, a fence, garage doors or even small objects?

    The Wagner Universal Sprayer W 690 makes it all possible! Key benefits of the W 690 HVLP electric paint sprayer include:

    • Excellent capacity for processing liquids such as interior wall paints
    • Less overspray and more control with variable air volume adjustment. (This makes the work even cleaner and you can also spray small objects well.)
    • Adjustable spray jet for thin substances such as oils
    • Suitable for all water and solvent-based products.

    Examples of interior projects
    Walls, ceilings, radiators, models, wooden toys, furniture, wicker furniture, doors, window frames.

    Examples of exterior projects
    Boats, garage doors, garden sheds, outdoor furniture, wood and metal fences, plant protection, roof eaves.

    Usable material
    All kinds of water-dilutable emulsion and latex paint. All types of paint and glaze.

    Which paint is suitable for me?
    The types of paint that are suitable for this paint sprayer are specified above. However, not all brands / types of paint are suitable to be used in combination with a paint sprayer. You are advised to check, at all times, the technical worksheet of your paint, before using it in combination with a paint sprayer. The technical worksheet of the paint you intend to use can be obtained from the manufacturer. If you start working with Spray Solutions paint, please refer to the instructions specified on the product label. This paint is especially suitable for use in combination with a paint sprayer.

    Contents of the package

    • Universal Sprayer W 690: item number: 2361543
    • Nozzle Wall I-Spray 1800 ml: item number: 2361749
    • Nozzle Wood & Metal Standard 800 ml: item number: 2361730
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    Manufacturer code2361544
    Weight4 kg
    Plug formatG - 3 pin British
    Power source230 Volt
    AccessoriesWall I-Spray 1800 ml, Wood & Metal Standard 800 ml
    Max. flow rate0-400 ml/min
    Power consumption630W
    Air hose length3,5 metres
    Atomizing output200W
    Max. viscosity4000 mPas
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