Troubleshooting: Paint sprayer in general

The following article covers the most frequently asked questions. These enquiries will be answered, and any issues will be addressed and resolved. Please contact us if your current problem is not covered here.

Streaks occurred along the edges of the paint strokes

This phenomenon is called 'tailing', and may have two causes. The nozzle used in combination with the fluid is too small, or your paint is still too thick. Continue thinning the paint further in increments of about 5 percent.

People have reported that latex paint that covers in one coat usually does not give the smoothest result in combination with a paint sprayer. The paint often needs to be thinned (start with at least 10%), but, in practice, it is usually still difficult to achieve an ideal result. It is generally possible, but the paint may be less 'forgiving' when it comes to thinning. If you are in doubt, we recommend obtaining the manufacturer’s technical worksheet, which specifies how to use the paint.

We supply our own brand of paint from Spray Solutions, which has been tried and tested in cooperation with Wagner. Moreover, SPS paint is usually also suitable for spraying, as are the Sikkens and Sigma brands. Many paints from DIY stores are also suitable. However, as recommended above, please refer to the technical worksheet if you are unsure about the suitability of certain types of paint.

I have … paint. Can it be sprayed?

Many paints available on the market can be used with a paint sprayer, but there are limits. All regular wall paints, lacquers, stains, and oils can be processed, and paint sprayers cover at least 80%-90% of the spectrum. However, paint with granules or solid particles cannot be processed.

Unfortunately, there are too many paint types to be familiar with all of them. If you are unsure about the suitability of a certain type of paint, always refer to the technical worksheet associated with the one you wish to use. Every manufacturer should be able to supply these worksheets, and also knows which paints are suitable for spraying.