Troubleshooting: HVLP paint sprayer

The following article covers the most frequently asked questions. These enquiries will be answered, and any issues will be addressed and resolved. Please contact us if your current problem is not covered here.

W950 pulsates when used with water
Your W950 is fitted with a pump that draws in paint that is transported to the gun by way of the hose. The pump needs resistance in order to build up adequate pressure. If you try to spray something as thin as water, the machine will start to pulsate, or rather, continuously switch on and off.

If you thin thicker paint and try once more, you will notice the pulsating stops. This may also happen if a very thin primer is used. Therefore, always test the paint on a piece of cardboard before spraying it onto the wall.

W950 leaks from the bottom of the device
Your W950 is fitted with a pump that draws in paint that is transported to the gun by way of the paint hose. If the device has not been rinsed/cleaned - or only inadequately - paint congestion may occur. If the congestion is severe, the paint will always look for the quickest way out, usually through the bottom of the device.

Unfortunately, defects caused by inadequate cleaning are not covered by the warranty. However, we can look into replacing specific parts, provided that the damage is not too severe.

W950 does not draw in/suck up paint
On assembling the device, a number of hoses need to be connected. If an improper connection has been made, the device may pump air, which will result in paint spillage.

Make sure that the hose also sits securely in the paint. The paint should be thinned in the correct manner, otherwise the device will be unable to draw it in. Moreover, make sure as well that the suction hose is attached entirely over the correct pin at the back of the system. Please consult the manual.

W950 does not work when the trigger is used
The trigger is controlled (through air pressure) by the thin hose that runs from the gun to the back of the device. If the trigger does not work, it could be that one of the sides of the hose is not attached properly to the pin.

Reassemble the thinnest hose and push both sides entirely over the appropriate pin.

W950 supplies paint as soon as the device is switched on
Sometimes the W950 supplies paint immediately, without the trigger being used. In that case, mounting the thinnest hose has caused a vacuum.

This problem can be resolved by disconnecting it on one side and reassembling it. After this has been done, the trigger should work effectively again.