Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950

The perfect machine for larger emulsion paint and small lacquer/stain consumer projects.
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Specifications overview
  • Draws emulsion straight out of the paint can
  • Ideal for painting walls and ceilings
  • Also useful for small lacquer and stain projects
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The Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950 is the successor of the Wagner Flexio W 995 E and the Wagner W 985

Key features of the Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950

  • For larger emulsion paint/wall paint projects
  • Versatile - can be used for many jobs in and around the house
  • Easy to clean
  • Little overspray when using HVLP technique (low pressure)
  • Processes most paints undiluted
  • Suitable for water and solvent based wood & metal and wall & ceiling paints.
  • Draws emulsion paint/wall paint directly from the paint can
  • Adjustable spray gun for perfect alignment on the job

General features of the Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950
The versatile Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950 paint sprayer is especially suitable for consumers working on smaller projects. Think of painting the walls of your home. With a little modification, the Universal Sprayer W 950 can be used to refurbish garage doors, or doors and cabinets. For this purpose, the built-in handle extension must be disconnected and the wood & metal attachment used in its place. Now you are ready to start applying lacquer or stain!
The main feature of this type of paint sprayer is that it draws the paint directly from the container. This allows faster working with lighter equipment, making the whole process more convenient, especially when it comes to painting above your head. The supplied attachment must be used for lacquers and stains. It has an 800 ml reservoir which is ideal for fast and easy completion of small items, such as furniture. Each fully-filled reservoir is good for approximately 5-6 m² of lacquer or stain.

This spray gun is designed specifically to reach ceilings and high walls. The long, lightweight spray extension to the Universal Sprayer W 950 is ideal for effortlessly coating your ceiling.

Cleaning is a simple operation because the attachment is the only component that needs to be cleaned and/or the machine needs to be flushed with warm water (emulsion paint). The extremely powerful turbine lets you spray most paints without needing thinners. Previously, spray paint always required thinning in order to be applied.

Paint spraying technique
There are two main paint spraying techniques: Airless and high volume low pressure. Without going into the technical details, the main relevant differences are as follows.

The Universal Sprayer W 950 is an HVLP sprayer suitable for larger emulsion paint jobs. It is the only one of its kind!

The advantages of HVLP compared to Airless:

  • Less overspray
  • Faster setup and cleaning
  • Ideal for small lacquer/stain projects

The disadvantages of HVLP compared to Airless:

  • Spray pattern is not as smooth as Airless but still significantly better than brush/roller.
  • Full of paint, the attachment – used only for lacquer and stains – can weigh between 1-1.2 kg. The Universal Sprayer W 950 draws emulsion paint directly from the container.

Examples of interior projects
Walls, ceilings, doors, windows, furniture (wicker furniture), etc.

Examples of exterior projects
Bicycles, boats, garage doors, garden sheds, garden furniture, fences (wood and/or metal), overhanging roof projections (for example, eaves).

Usable materials

  • All types of dispersion and emulsion paint that can be diluted in water.
  • All types of lacquer and glaze, either solvent or water-based paints

Contents of the set

  • Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950, item number: 2361555
  • 800 ml Wood&Metal EXTRA Standard attachment, item number: 2361730
  • Adapter for W 950, item number: 2315666

4-year warranty (3+1)

Having doubts about the quality of our product? We offer a 4-year warranty! We stand for exemplary quality, which is reflected in our chosen assortment of products. Higher than that of most other brands, and something we are excited to share with you. On top of delivering important and helpful accessories, we now also offer you an extended warranty. This way, you'll feel a lot more secure. We offer a standard 3-year warranty on this product, extended by 1 year after registration with Wagner (total warranty of 4 years).

Manufacturer code 2361556
Weight 10 kg
Plug format G - 3 pin British
Power source 230 Volt
Accessories 800 ml Wood & Metal EXTRA Standard attachment, Adapter for W 950
Max. flow rate 0-525 ml/min
Power consumption 630W
Air hose length 3,5 metres
Spray speed 15m² / 5 min
Atomizing output 200 W
Max. viscosity 4000 mPas
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Frequently asked questions

What types of paint can I spray with the Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950?
In principle, the Universal Sprayer W 950 is used for spraying emulsions, but the supplied attachments make it possible to use it to spray lacquer and stains as well. Please note, there is nothing wrong with the quality of Histor Monodek. However, in our experience this paint is unsuitable for use with a paint sprayer.

Can I use solvent based paint with a paint sprayer?
Yes, you can use both solvent based paints as well as water-based paints in a spray gun.

How should I dilute the paint, and what mix should I use?
Interior wall paint (dispersion and emulsion paint) may need to be diluted. Most paint can be sprayed without dilution.
Please note: if you are going to dilute the paint, we advise you to start with a ratio of 5% and if necessary increase in increments of 5%.

What is the difference between the high volume low pressure and airless technology?
Without going into the technical aspects, we have listed a number of things.

HVLP is characterised by:

  • less overspray
  • easier cleaning
  • easier to work with
  • small to medium-sized projects

Airless is characterised by:

  • smoother spray pattern
  • large projects
  • more robust
  • widespread application
  • harder to clean
  • What is the difference between the Universal Sprayer W 890, Universal Sprayer W 950 and Airless Sprayer Plus?

    • The Universal Sprayer W 890 has attachments [reservoirs], including a 1-1.5-litre reservoir, that you fill with paint and attach directly to the nozzle. The weight increases the difficulty of painting a ceiling and the reservoir has to be refilled when it runs out. However, the advantage is that you can easily change colours, and the machine has a much wider range of potential applications as it is easier to use for all kinds of objects and paints. Also, you get less overspray. The Universal Sprayer W 890 is Wagner's most suitable model for small projects.
    • The Universal Sprayer W 950 draws paint directly from the paint container, which means you do not have to continually refill a reservoir. This makes it faster to work with the Universal Sprayer 950 than with the Universal Sprayer W 890. One advantage of the Universal Sprayer W 950 is that you do not have to put in much physical effort because the machine draws paint directly from the container and it has an integrated handle extension. Its flexibility is also increased with the optional wood & metal attachment.
    • The Airless Sprayer Plus has an integrated 7.5-litre paint reservoir. Just like the Universal Sprayer W 950, it is easy to paint objects above head height with this machine, further facilitated by the 10 m long hose. Compared to other paint sprayers, the Wagner Airless Sprayer Plus delivers a more even and smoother finish. This means the machine is better suited for larger projects. The Airless Sprayer Plus is recommended for wood & metal and wall & ceiling paints.

    I have read a lot about the cleaning of these machines; how long will I spend cleaning them, and what should I use?
    Cleaning the Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950 takes about 10 minutes. Clean the machine with what the paint manufacturer suggests you use to dilute the paint. For water-based paints, simply flush the machine with warm water. Solvent based paints which are diluted with white spirit should be cleaned with white spirit.

    Do I need to use a lot of masking tape?
    Mask off the area you are spraying by about 15-20 cm, and cover the floor and furniture.

    Will everything get covered in paint due to overspray?
    There will always be a little overspray with spraying.. You should mask off and cover up in much the same way as you would when painting with conventional rollers. It is also important to keep the spray nozzle at a distance of 20 cm perpendicular to the wall for an even coverage.
    If you follow this advice, you should not have too many problems with overspray.

    Does a paint sprayer deliver a better result?
    Definitely! Paint coverage is better and smoother, which provides a very professional looking result. You also you need less paint. Wagner states that paint consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

    Can I work faster with a paint sprayer?
    This depends on the surface that needs to be sprayed. The actual painting is much faster compared to using a roller, but preparation and cleaning take more time. As a rule of thumb, the tipping point is usually when the object to be painted has a surface area greater than 50 m². If your project is larger than this, you will save time. For complex surfaces, such as beams and corners, you will gain immediate time savings.

    Is spray painting difficult?
    Paint sprayers are easy to master. It is a fairly simple and convenient way to apply paints, stains and lacquers, especially if you follow the guidelines correctly. That is why it is important to read the instructions for use carefully, and call us if you have any doubts.

    Do you deliver the Wagner Universal Sprayer W 950 ready for use?
    Yes, the Universal Sprayer W 950 is delivered completely ready for wood & metal and wall & ceiling paint including emulsion paint.

    What is included in this set?

    • Universal Sprayer W 950, item number: 2361555
    • Adaptor for Universal Sprayer W 950, item number: 2315666
    • 800 ml Wood&Metal EXTRA Standard attachment, item number: 2361730