Wagner HEA PowerPainter 90 Extra Skid

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The Wagner PowerPainter 90 Extra Skid, a new improved version of the old Wagner Powerpainter 90!

Your benefits are:

  • Better spray pattern than with traditional airless technology (which is currently the highest standard)
  • +/- 55% less spray mist
  • Longer service life due to lower pressure
  • Simpler commissioning
  • Better control and very forgiving, even for less skilled users
  • Specially developed nozzles for an optimal result

Multiple components in the PowerPainter 90 Extra have been created to ensure easier operability and to ensure safe working: the innovative inlet valve can be safely and easily released with the press of a finger. No additional tools are needed any more. The green marking on the HEA pressure gauge helps to ensure optimised pressure regulation. This makes it possible to achieve the perfect spray result. The site-optimised Prime / Spray switch ensures safe and reliable pressure relief every time.

Applications & Objects
The powerful ProjectPro Series sprayers can handle a wide variety of materials: From emulsion and latex paints for walls, ceilings, basements and garages, to glazes and wood finishes for log cabins, siding or carports, to corrosion protection for steel beams: all common materials, both water- and solvent-based, can be sprayed easily and professionally.

Who it's for 
The Powerpainter 90 HEA is the ideal partner for larger DIY projects or small to medium-sized projects in construction, furniture making and renovation! All common substances, both water- and solvent-based, can be processed with this device.

The PowerPainter units have been specially developed for projects by ambitious do-it-yourselfers, building managers and service providers who use the units on a regular basis. The devices are fast, reliable, versatile and ready for use whenever paint needs to be sprayed somewhere in an effective manner. The device is particularly light, handy and compact and can be easily stowed away.

Product advantages

  • Very simple commissioning and high operational reliability. The valve knob is operated automatically when the unit is switched on. The unit is therefore ready for operation at any time.
  • Uncomplicated use. The clear, simply designed controls of the PowerPainter devices are easy to operate.
  • Draws paint directly from the paint bucket. Simply insert the suction tube into the paint bucket and you can get to work immediately. It is not necessary to decant the paint.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x 2386813 PowerPainter 90 HEA
  • 1x 0418717 Vector Pro (four-finger trigger)
  • 1x 0418708 Tip L (517)
  • 1x 0418719 Hose, 15 m, 1/4", yellow
  • 1x 0418721 Suction set
  • 1x 118 ml Piston oil

Which paint is suitable for me?
The types of paint that are suitable for this paint sprayer are specified above. However, not all brands / types of paint are suitable to be used in combination with a paint sprayer. You are advised to check, at all times, the technical worksheet of your paint before using it in combination with a paint sprayer. The technical worksheet of the paint you intend to use can be obtained from the manufacturer. If you start working with Spray Solutions paint, please refer to the instructions specified on the product label. This paint is especially suitable for use in combination with a paint sprayer.

SKU 4004025127045
Manufacturer code 2420186
Weight 10.200000
Plug format G-3 pin, British
Power source 230 Volt
Air hose length 15 m
Maximum pressure 200 bar
Warranty 3+2
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    Wagner HEA PowerPainter 90 Extra Skid
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