Wagner Power Painter 90 Airless Paint Sprayer

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    Wagner Power Painter 90 Airless Paint Sprayer
    Specifications overview
    • Suitable for lacquer, stain emulsion paint and exterior emulsion paint
    • Draws paint directly from the container
    • Has high operational reliability and a long life
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    Product description

    The Wagner Power Painter 90 includes:

    • Free 30 cm extension to reach ceilings and high walls (value: £ 79.95)
    • 3 tips for the most common lacquers, stains and wall paints (value: £ 150)
    • All the filters required to process the various lacquers and paints (value: £ 60)

    The Wagner Power Painter 90 is a new and improved model. The main difference comes in the design, which assures even greater operational reliability.

    Concise features of the Wagner Power Painter 90

    • For projects such as exterior façades, walls and ceilings, large objects
    • Versatile - can be used for many jobs in and around the house
    • Super professional spray pattern
    • Relatively little overspray
    • Processes most paints undiluted
    • Suitable for lacquers/stains and wall paints, either water-based or solvent based paints
    • Suitable for exterior façades, emulsion and smooth masonry wall paint

    The Power Painter 90 is equipped with twin-stroke technology that draws paint in both the upward and downward movements. This means:

    • longer service life
    • higher operational reliability
    • capable of pumping and spraying thicker liquids
    • more power

    General features of the Wagner Power Painter 90
    The Wagner Power Painter 90 is a versatile airless paint sprayer for consumers and independent professionals. It can be used for renovation projects, such as garden sheds, maintenance of buildings and boats. This paint sprayer offers excellent operational reliability and durability. If you clean and maintain it well after use, it will go on working for a very long time. The Power Painter 90 is distinctive in that it has more power than its smaller siblings. This allows you to work some 30% faster and also use thicker wall paints such as an exterior emulsion paint. You will need to purchase an extra 521 tip for this. The 15 m hose makes it a popular paint sprayer for professional painters and project developers.
    The Power Painter 90 looks very similar to the Power Painter 119. The main difference is a change in the design that has improved operational reliability. You no longer need to use a screwdriver to remove a blockage in the motor section.

    One of the great features is that the paint sprayer uses a suction hose to draw paint directly from the container. This technique enables you to paint your walls and gain the best possible results in no time. The 15 m long hose allows you to work flexibly. And the machine has sufficient power to reach the 15 m height limit of the hose. The work is lighter because you do not need to carry the paint can about. The ergonomic spray gun is made of lightweight durable materials. Please note: make sure the diameter of the paint container is greater than 6 cm. We recommend a minimum paint container size of 5 litres.
    The paint sprayer is delivered as a ready-to-spray package for most types of wall paint and lacquer/stain.

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    • Wagner Power Painter 60

    Examples of interior projects
    Walls, ceilings, floors, etc.

    Exterior projects
    Exterior façades, garden sheds, large fences, gates (wood and metal), yacht and ship exteriors, metal constructions, etc.

    Usable materials
    Lacquers and glazes containing water and solvents. Lacquers, oils, solvents, solvent, PVC lacquers, pre-lacquers, primers, fillers and anti-corrosion paints. Interior and exterior dispersion and emulsion paints. Also suitable for many types of thicker paint.

    Contents of the package

    • 1x 2342509 Power Painter 90
    • 1x 0418717 PP-05 spray gun
    • 1x 0418705 Tip XS (409)
    • 1x 0418707 Tip M (515)
    • 1x 0418708 Tip L (517)
    • 2x 0418713 Filter, XS-S (red)
    • 2x 0418713 Filter, M (yellow)
    • 2x 0418713 Filter, L-XXL (white)
    • 1x 0418719 Hose, 15 m, 1/4", yellow
    • 1x 0418721 Suction set
    • 1x 2306478 30 cm Extension piece
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    4-year warranty (3+1)

    Having doubts about the quality of our product? We offer a 4-year warranty! We stand for exemplary quality, which is reflected in our chosen assortment of products. Higher than that of most other brands, and something we are excited to share with you. On top of delivering important and helpful accessories, we now also offer you an extended warranty. This way, you'll feel a lot more secure. We offer a standard 3-year warranty on this product, extended by 1 year after registration with Wagner (total warranty of 4 years).

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    Weight22,5 kg
    Plug formatG-3 pin, British
    Power source230 Volt
    AccessoriesFree 30 cm extension to reach ceilings and high walls, 3 tips for the most common lacquers, stains and wall paints, All the required filters in order to process the various lacquers and paints
    Power consumption800W
    Air hose length15 m
    Maximum pressure200 bar
    Max. nozzle sizeMax. L 517
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