Wagner Wall Sprayer W 500 HVLP Paint Sprayer

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    Ideal for small wall paint projects

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    Wagner Wall Sprayer W 500 HVLP Paint Sprayer
    Specifications overview
    • Suitable for spraying emulsion wall paint
    • Ideal for painting individual walls
    • Includes free handle extension for ceilings
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    Product description

    The Wagner Wall Sprayer W 500 is the successor to the Wagner W 665

    PROMO: Includes free 60 cm handle extension to reach ceilings and high walls! (value: £29.95)

    Key features of the Wagner Wall Sprayer W 500

    • For small wall paint projects (individual walls)
    • Easy to clean
    • Little overspray when using HVLP technique (low pressure)
    • Two spray modes for the jobs

    General features of the Wagner Wall Sprayer W 500
    This entry-level paint sprayer for the consumer is excellent for small wall paint projects. Think of a individual wall, or room. There is a handle extension for you to reach high ceilings. This allows you to paint an entire room in a different colour.
    The main feature of this type of paint sprayer is that you work with attachments. The 1800 ml reservoir is ideal for carrying out small projects quickly, easily and cleanly. Each fully-filled reservoir is good for approximately 13 m². It is easy to change the attachments of the Wall Sprayer W 500. One simple click mechanism lets you change colour and continue spraying. Cleaning is a simple operation because the attachment is the only component that needs to be cleaned. The rest of the paint sprayer does not come into contact with the paint.

    Airless or HVLP?
    Spray painters are roughly divided into two techniques that have been around for a long time: Airless and high volume low pressure (HVLP). Below you can read about the relevant key differences between the two.

    The advantages of HVLP compared to Airless:

    • Less overspray
    • Faster setup and cleaning
    • Ideal for small projects

    The disadvantages of HVLP compared to Airless:

    • Spray pattern is not as smooth as Airless but still significantly better than brush/roller
    • Filled with paint, the attachment can weigh between 1-2 kg
    • Not suitable for large wall paint projects (greater than 80 m²)

    Examples of interior projects
    Walls, ceilings

    Usable materials
    All types of dispersion paint and emulsion paint that can be diluted with water.

    Contents of the package

    • Wagner Wall Sprayer W 500, item number: 2361529
    • 1800 ml Wall EXTRA I-Spray attachment, item number: 2361749
    • FREE 60 cm Handle extension, item number: 2361756 (value: £29.95)
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    4-year warranty (3+1)

    Having doubts about the quality of our product? We offer a 4-year warranty! We stand for exemplary quality, which is reflected in our chosen assortment of products. Higher than that of most other brands, and something we are excited to share with you. On top of delivering important and helpful accessories, we now also offer you an extended warranty. This way, you'll feel a lot more secure. We offer a standard 3-year warranty on this product, extended by 1 year after registration with Wagner (total warranty of 4 years).

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    Manufacturer code2371118
    Weight10 kg
    Plug formatG-3 pin, British
    Power source230 Volt
    AccessoriesFree 60 cm handle extension to reach ceilings and high walls
    Max. flow rate0-375 ml/min
    Power consumption370W
    Reservoir volume1800 ml
    Air hose length3.5 m
    Atomizing output120W
    Max. viscosity3300 mPas
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