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Wagner Tip - XS 409

Wagner Tip - XS 409

Suitable for: varnishes, water and oil-based paints
  • Suitable for Wagner ProjectPro and Power Painters
  • Suitable for: varnishes, water and oil-based paints
  • Corresponding filter: red XS-S
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Description for the Wagner Tip - XS 409

A sprayer tip (nozzle) has a small opening through which paint is forced under pressure. This creates the atomisation necessary for a uniform and quick application of paint.

Tip Wagner XS 409 for thin, sprayable fluids.
0.009 inch nozzle with a spray width of 20 cm
The first number of a tip shows the width of the spray. Multiply this number by five and it will give you the radius (409 tip = 20 cm). The last two digits indicate the diameter of the nozzle. The lower the number, the smaller the opening of the nozzle and the thinner the fluid to be sprayed must be.

Important! Paint manufacturers also issue job descriptions. Use these to see exactly which tip is recommended for the corresponding paint. It is difficult for us to indicate which tip is suitable for every sort of paint.

To be used with the:

  • Wagner Project 115
  • Wagner ProjectPro 117
  • Wagner ProjectPro 119
  • Airless Sprayer Plus
  • Power Painter 60
  • Power Painter 90

Corresponding filter: Red XS-S
Suitable for varnishes, water and oil-based paints.

Specifications for the Wagner Tip - XS 409

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