FAQ Paint

1. Can I spray synthetic paints or just water-based paints?

You can work with all paint types, provided you have the appropriate paint sprayer. Paint sprayers can be roughly divided into lacquer, emulsion paint or lacquer and emulsion paint sprayers.

2. Can I spray all kinds of emulsion paint?
Yes, provided you choose the right paint sprayer. Roughly all types of wall paint can be sprayed with paint sprayers that are suitable for wall paint. There are a number of possibilities:

  • Outdoor emulsion paint can only be sprayed by the Project Pro 119 or the heavier Graco paint sprayers. This is because of the thickness of the paint.
  • Directly sprayable paint is not suitable for the Wagner Project 115 due to the reservoir.

3. What paint do you recommend?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any advice concerning a brand or type of paint. Regular changes to the composition of paint make this nearly impossible.

4. Is it possible to work with textured paint?
Textured paint can be processed by certain paint sprayers in certain circumstances. Please get in touch with us about this.

5. Should I dilute the paint and if so, how much?
Paint must always be diluted; water-based paint must be diluted with water, and synthetic paint must be diluted with a synthetic solution. The percentage of dilution is different for every kind of paint, but, as a general rule, start at 5% and increase if necessary.

6. Will I use more or less paint with paint spraying when compared to conventional rolling?
You will use less paint.