Wagner HEA ProSpray 3.20

    The robust, powerful Airless pump is suitable for every professional painter.

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    Specifications overview
    • Professional, practical, and lightweight
    • Suitable for a wide variety of liquids
    • Based on HEA technology
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    Wagner HEA ProSpray 3.20
    Specifications overview
    • Professional, practical, and lightweight
    • Suitable for a wide variety of liquids
    • Based on HEA technology
    More specifications »
    Product description

    The HEA ProSpray 3.20 professional paint sprayer is very popular among painters and plasterers. This light and very practical device is powerful enough to spray a wide range of wall and outdoor paints, varnishes, stains, and many other liquids. We are adding a number of widely used, handy accessories that provide you with a perfect solution to handle multi-faceted projects instantly.

    The robust ProSpray 3.20 is one of the devices in Wagner’s ‘High Efficiency Airless’ (HEA) line, based on a significantly improved nozzle, allowing for a far more efficient spray. As a result, less pressure is needed, which allows you to spray paint much more smoothly and efficiently. This technology usually provides a better, fuller spray pattern than the standard Airless one.

    HEA combines many advantages of various existing paint spray technologies. For example, the lower pressure reduces the paint mist by about 55%, and the device is much easier to operate than the standard Airless paint sprayer. Furthermore, this technology is more forgiving than the paint sprayers based on the standard Airless and HVLP technologies, resulting in fewer streaks and streak patterns.

    Applications and objects

    The powerful spraying devices in the ProSpray series are suitable for handling a wide range of materials, including dispersion and latex paints for walls, ceilings, cellars, and garages as well as stains and wood finishing products for exterior cladding panels or carports, and corrosion protection for steel beams. All regular water- and solvent-based materials can be sprayed conveniently and professionally.

    For whom?

    The HEA ProSpray 3.20 is the ideal partner for contracting painters and plasterers, and is suitable for small- to medium-sized professional projects that involve new constructions and renovations. The device is perfectly capable of spraying regular water- and solvent-based materials. However, be careful with aggressive, corrosive liquids such as paint thinner, because these may severely affect the device’s lifespan. Wagner strongly advises against using them.

    All the advantages:

    * Up to 50% less paint mist

    * Up to 35% less use of paint

    * A very fine spray pattern

    * Easy to use

    * Higher pressure (adjustable)

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    5-year warranty (3+2)

    Having doubts about the quality of our product? We offer a 5-year warranty! We stand for exemplary quality, which is reflected in our chosen assortment of products. Higher than that of most other brands, and something we are excited to share with you. On top of delivering important and helpful accessories, we now also offer you an extended warranty. This way, you'll feel a lot more secure. We offer a standard 3-year warranty on this product, extended by 2 year after registration with Wagner (total warranty of 5 years).

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    Manufacturer code2412438
    Weight13,6 kg
    Power source230 Volt
    AccessoriesHEA Pro Tip 517, HEA Pro Tip 619
    Max. capaciteit1.6 l/min
    Power consumption1 kW
    Air hose length7,5 metres
    Maximum pressure207 bar
    Max. nozzle size Max. HEA Pro Tip with 0.0021 "opening
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