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Wagner ProjectPro 119 Airless Paint Sprayer

Wagner Project Pro 119 Airless paint sprayer

A highly mobile airless paint sprayer, suitable for large projects
  • Suitable for lacquer, stain emulsion paint and exterior emulsion paint
  • Draws paint directly from the container
  • Sprays most paints undiluted
  • Includes extension, three tips and all filters
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More information about this product

Description for the Wagner ProjectPro 119 Airless Paint Sprayer

The Wagner ProjectPro 119 includes:

  • Free 30 cm extension to reach ceilings and high walls
  • 3 tips for the most common lacquers, stains and wall paints
  • All the filters required to process the various lacquers and paints

Concise features of the Wagner ProjectPro 119

  • For projects such as exterior facades, walls, floors and ceilings
  • Versatile - can be used for many jobs in and around the house
  • Super professional spray pattern
  • Relatively little overspray
  • Can process most paints undiluted
  • Suitable for lacquers/stains and wall paints, either water-based or synthetic (resin-based)
  • Suitable for exterior façades, weather-resistant emulsion paint and wall paint

The new ProjectPro 119 is equipped with twin-stroke technology that pumps paint in both upward and downward movements. This means:

  • longer service life
  • can draw in and spray thicker liquids
  • more power

General features of the Wagner ProjectPro 119
Wagner’s versatile ProjectPro 119 airless paint sprayer is ideal for consumers and independent professionals. Example projects include home renovations, fences, gates, garden sheds, etc. The durability of this paint sprayer is an excellent advantage. If you clean and maintain the paint sprayer well after use, it will go on working for a very long time. It offers excellent operational reliability.
The enhanced power of ProjectPro 119 paint sprayer allows you to work approximately 30% faster and use thicker wall paints such as an exterior emulsion. You will need to purchase an optional 521 tip for this. The 15-m hose makes it a popular paint sprayer for professional painters and project developers.

One of this paint sprayer’s features is that its suction hose draws the paint directly from the container. This technique enables you to paint your walls with the best possible results in no time. The 15 m hose gives you great flexibility. The machine has sufficient power to reach the 15 m height limit of the hose. And because you do not need to carry the paint container about, the work is lighter. The ergonomic spray gun is made of lightweight durable materials. Please note: make sure that the diameter of the paint container is greater than 6 cm. We recommend a minimum container size of 5 litres.
The paint sprayer is delivered as a ready-to-spray package for most types of wall paint and lacquer/stain.

Related products include

  • Wagner ProjectPro 117
  • Wagner Power Painter 60
  • Wagner Power Painter 90

Examples of interior projects
Walls, ceilings, floors, etc.

Exterior projects
Exterior façades, garden sheds, large fences, gates (wood and metal), yacht and ship exteriors, metal constructions, etc.

Usable materials
Lacquers and glazes containing water and solvents. Lacquers, oils, solvents, synthetic resins, PVC lacquers, pre-lacquers, primers, fillers and anti-corrosion paints. Interior and exterior dispersion and emulsion paints. Also suitable for many types of thicker paint.

Contents of the entire package

  • 1x 0418030 Wagner ProjectPro 119 Airless
  • 1x 0418717 PP-05 Spray gun
  • 1x 0418705 Tip XS (409)
  • 1x 0418707 Tip M (515)
  • 1x 0418708 Tip L (517)
  • 2x 0418713 Filter, XS-S (red)
  • 2x 0418713 Filter, M (yellow)
  • 2x 0418713 Filter, L-XXL (white)
  • 1x 0418719 Hose, 7.5 m, 1/4", yellow
  • 1x 0418721 Suction set
  • 1x 2306478 30 cm Extension piece

Specifications for the Wagner ProjectPro 119 Airless Paint Sprayer

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Plug format G - 3 pin British
Power source 230 Volt
Accessories Free 30 cm extension to reach ceilings and high walls, 3 tips for the most common lacquers, stains and wall paints, All the required filters in order to process the various lacquers and paints
Power consumption 720W
Air hose length 15 m
Maximum pressure 200 bar
Max. nozzle size Max. L 517

Video of the Wagner ProjectPro 119 Airless Paint Sprayer

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Reviews of the Wagner ProjectPro 119 Airless Paint Sprayer

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Rating details

  • Result
  • Quality
  • Cleaning
  • Ease of use
Does The Job Write your own review

30 July 2017 | Review by

Over the past 2 weeks I have renovated 3 houses with the help of the Wagner ProjectPro 119. I can conclude the following:

1. Quality of the spray (latex) is excellent.
2. The paint spray gun feels durable.
3. The capacity is decent, if you really have big projects, of over 800 m², I’d recommend something else. 
4. Spraying varnish is possible, if you use canisters of one litre, otherwise the nozzle won’t fit. Quality of the varnish work is good. 
5. Can’t connect a 30 metre hose, not recommended. 
7. Spray gun is basic, but the result looks very good and it’s ergonomically designed. 
8. Keeps the area rather clean, for an airless machine. 
All in all, an excellent price-quality ratio.

Rating details

  • Cleaning
  • Ease of use
  • Result
  • Quality
119 Wagner Write your own review

17 October 2016 | Review by

I have worked with another, more expensive spray gun twice now, but the end result is the same. Excellent spray, easy to clean. Your service is great. Fast delivery, very friendly and helpful. Fantastic!!!!

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Ease of use

Manual of the Wagner ProjectPro 119 Airless Paint Sprayer

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FAQ for the Wagner ProjectPro 119 Airless Paint Sprayer

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Frequently asked questions

What types of paint can I spray using the Wagner ProjectPro 119?
The Wagner ProjectPro 119 is suitable for all types of lacquers, stains and emulsion paint (synthetic or resin-based and water-based). Experience has shown us that Histor Monodek provides a less satisfactory result with the Wagner ProjectPro 119. It is not our intention to question the quality of this type of emulsion paint. It is simply that it does not work so well with this paint sprayer. It cannot handle textured paint either.

  • Water and solvent-based lacquers and glazes
  • Lacquers, oils, solvents, synthetic resins, PVC lacquers, pre-lacquers, primers, fillers and anti-corrosion paints
  • Interior and exterior dispersion paints and emulsion paints

Can I use synthetic paint with a paint sprayer?
Yes, you can use a paint sprayer for synthetic (resin-based) paints, as well as water-based paints.

What dilution levels should I use?
In principle, lacquers and stains do not need to be diluted (or very little) with a dilution agent. Emulsion paint should always be diluted, but the amount varies by brand and the type of emulsion paint. As a rule of thumb, we use at least 5% dilution liquid and increase until the right spray pattern has been achieved. NOTE: the paint manufacturer often provides a processing procedure. This will give you the exact dilution amounts.

Is the Wagner ProjectPro 119 suitable for professional use?
This paint sprayer is suitable for both consumers and professional users. The machine is great for painters, project-based use, furniture, boatmen, roofing contractors, etc. This machine has an excellent price-quality ratio.

What is the difference between the ProjectPro 117 and ProjectPro 119?
The quality of the spray pattern is the same for both the ProjectPro 117 and ProjectPro 119. The hose of the ProjectPro 119 is 15 m long, and the ProjectPro 117 has a 7.5 m long. The spray rate of the ProjectPro 119 is 1.25 litres per minute and for the ProjectPro 117 it is 0.95 litres per minute. Because of its increased power, the ProjectPro 119 can spray thicker liquids than the ProjectPro 117.

I have read a lot about the cleaning of these machines. How long does it take to clean them, and what should I use?
Cleaning the Wagner ProjectPro 119 takes about 10-15 minutes. Clean the machine with the dilution solution. For water-based paints, simply flush the machine with warm water; synthetic (resin-based) paints diluted with white spirit should be cleaned with white spirit.

Do I need to use a lot of masking tape?
Although the overspray of the ProjectPro 119 is relatively negligible, it is always a good idea to mask off. The Wagner product movies are just too ‘clean’ compared with reality. Mask off a margin of about 10-15 cm, and cover the floor and furniture.

Will everything get covered in paint due to overspray?
There will always be a little overspray. The Wagner product movies do not really correspond to reality. You should mask off and cover up in much the same way as you would when painting with conventional rollers. It is also important to keep the spray nozzle at a distance of 20 cm perpendicular to the wall (to prevents slewing).
If you follow this advice, you should not have too many problems with overspray.

Should I order extra tips?
No, you can paint most types of lacquers, emulsion paint and stains with this set. It is best to just get started so that you can decide whether you need another tip size and assess the right size for your project.

How wide is the spray jet?
That depends on the tip you choose: you must multiply the first number of the tip size by five. Therefore, a 519 tip delivers a 25-cm wide spray jet and a 409 tip delivers a 20-cm wide spray jet. Note: this size is calculated for a spray nozzle that is held 15 cm from the wall.

Does a paint sprayer deliver a better result?
Definitely! Paint coverage is better and smoother and provides a very professional looking result. You also need less paint. Wagner states that paint consumption can be reduced by up to 30%.

Can I work faster with a paint sprayer?
That depends upon the surface that needs to be sprayed. The actual painting is much faster compared to using a roller, but preparation and cleaning takes more time. As a rule of thumb, the tipping point is usually when the object to be painted has a surface area greater than 60 m². If your project is larger than this, you will save time. For complex surfaces, such as beams and corners, you gain immediate time savings.

Is spray painting difficult?
No, a paint sprayer is easy to master. It is a fairly simple and convenient way to apply paints, stains and lacquers, especially if the guidelines are followed correctly. It is therefore important to read the instructions for use carefully, and call us if you have any doubts.

Do you deliver the ProjectPro 119 ready for use?
Yes, it is suitable for lacquers, emulsion paint, stains, exterior emulsion paint, etc.

What accessories are included?

  • 1 x 0418717 Spray gun (without nozzle)
  • 1 x 0418713 Filter L - XXL 2 x white
  • 1 x 0418711 Filter XS-S 2 x red
  • 1 x 0418711 Filter M 2 x yellow
  • 1 x 0418719 Spray hose, 15m, 1/4", yellow
  • 1 x 0418721 Suction Kit
  • 1x 0418705 Tip 409
  • 1x 0418705 Tip 515
  • 1x 0418705 Tip 517
  • 1 x 2306478 30 cm Handle extension